the sassy trivia game by hai!touch Studios

Salty Trivia is a sassy party trivia game with full voice acting. Use the Lifesaver to your advantage, and don’t talk over the host’s snide remarks!

Episodes 1, 2, and 3 available now!

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Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are out now! A total of 12 questions are planned for release.

Come into our Discord server to look for openings for additional voices, show off your trivia writing skills, or just hang out with our crew.


Control schemes

Up to 8 contestants can play, mixing-and-matching the following control schemes:

Up to 100 audience members can play along and have their score tracked.


Salty Trivia is available on the following platforms:

Browser - Play live on This option is not as performant as the others, but is compatible with the most devices.
Windows executable - Play as a standalone application on your Windows computer. No need to install, just download, extract, and run.
Linux executable - Play as a standalone application on your Linux computer. No need to install, just download, extract, and run.
Android app - Install the .APK file as an app on your Android phone. (You will need to enable “Install from unknown sources” for this.)

You can download all the non-browser versions from the listing.


The gameplay is based mainly on the You Don’t Know Jack series of games, as well as other trivia games. If you like this game, please support Jackbox Games’ official releases such as Jackbox Party Pack 1 and Pack 5. (Although if you’re here, you’re probably already a superfan, or a Jackbox Games lawyer preparing to send me a DMCA).

Salty Trivia with Candy Barre is released as free and open source software.

However, there are some restrictions. You may not use the code to impersonate us, or otherwise scam people. The recordings of our voices are available for ease of modification, but if you release a modification, you must replace all the provided voice files.