the sassy trivia game by hai!touch Studios

Salty Trivia is a sassy party trivia game with full voice acting. Use the Lifesaver to your advantage, and don’t talk over the host’s snide remarks!

Coming in 2022

Play the demoFollow progress on DiscordSee source code


We’re looking for voice talents and writers! Audition as a voice actor on Casting Call Club, whether for a big role in the game, or for a small but important role in the reveal trailer. Or, apply to be a writer in our Discord server.


Control schemes

Up to 8 people can play, mixing-and-matching the following control schemes:


The gameplay is based mainly on the You Don’t Know Jack series of games, as well as other trivia games. If you like this game, please support Jackbox Games’ official releases such as Jackbox Party Pack 1 and Pack 5. (Although if you’re here, you’re probably already a superfan, or a Jackbox Games lawyer preparing to send me a DMCA).